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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ciprian withdraws from GUM Chair election

Ciprian of Juclandia yesterday became the second candidate to drop out of next week's election for Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational.

In a short statement, Ciprian cited a desire to focus more on Juclandian domestic affairs. He also said, "I've reached the conclusion that there are still countries in this organisation hostile to any change, and their presence in the GUM is extremely counter-productive. With them being there, my platform would have not been accomplished in its entirety."

This election battlefield has been very unstable. Joseph Kennedy of Ashukovo was a leading candidate among younger GUM members, such as the W├╝rtige Empire, but withdrew two days ago. Ciprian's promise to appoint M. Kennedy as Vice-Chair secured those nations' support when he subsequently became the only candidate.The absence of both Ciprian and M. Kennedy now leaves most of the GUM's member states without their original choice for Chair.

Quentin of Wyvern is now the sole candidate, despite having entered the race only two days ago. His detailed platform and constitutional expertise have gained him the respect of many members. However, long-standing tensions between Quentin, a leading member of the GUM's de facto conservative caucus, and nations such as Sandus and Austenasia may undermine his administration or lead to the entry of another new candidate.