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Monday, September 2, 2013

Ciprian and Kennedy outline platforms at Quorum

At yesterday's Grand Unified Micronational Quorum, with the Chair election less than two weeks away, Ciprian I of Juclandia and Joseph Kennedy of Ashukovo discussed their platforms and fielded questions from delegates.

Ciprian, starting with an article in Tiana Today, has adopted the catch-phrase "radical change" to summarise his platform. At the Quorum, he emphasised a return to the Constitution of the GUM, ratified in its present form 19 February 2012, and his detailed knowledge of the Constitution. Ciprian called for the publication of a list of the organisation's conventions, which were made legally binding by the Constitution but with which most members are unfamiliar. He also proposed a shift from mediating diplomatic conflicts in the community to providing a unified front for promoting micronationalism in the macronational world, suggesting official statements on macronational events as a means of accomplishing this.

M. Kennedy's platform was much less detailed. Like Ciprian, he included the codification of conventions as a priority; he also listed equality between GUM members, an emphasis on projects, and the revival of the dormant Advancement Council as policy goals. M. Kennedy promised that a more detailed platform would be published soon.