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Saturday, August 31, 2013

An interview with GUM Chair candidate Ciprian I

New Light of Yurtyzstan conducted a quick interview today with Ciprian I, King of Juclandia and candidate in the September 2013 election for Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational.

Q: So, first, on what date did you announce your candidacy?

A: I have announced my candidacy on the 30th of August, but I have declared my intention to run days before.

Q: In which past elections have you run for Chair?

A: I have been the counter-candidate of Yaroslav Mar in December 2012.

Q: What are your motivations in running? What are your goals for the organisation?

A: After what happened in December 2012, I wanted to never run for office again in the GUM, and there was an actual point where I have seen the GUM as a useless organisation. As for now, I haven't changed my opinion in regards to the GUM now, but I find it that it is useless in its present state. The GUM can only become useful again if we change it. As time passes by, everything changes. The GUM can not omit this change either. As for what my goals for this organisation are, I intend to give this organisation a different face: for the last 6 months it has done nothing of substance, yet there were member states of it who were in diplomatic conflict with each other. And there are still issues like that. What I want for the GUM to become is a closer organisation for its members, one that makes them be more united with each other, regardless of their political or otherwise opinions. Along with this facelift, of course, we also have to assure that in no way this will make our organisation involve in the internal affairs of its member states.

Q: What are your opinions of the two most recent Chairs, Jacob Tierney and Richard Cunningham?

A: Let me start chronologically, so I shall begin with Richard Cunningham. There is no secret whatsoever that I have had a rather complicated relationship with him, mainly due to our different views. However, I find him to be a nice person and one that is dedicated to their friends. He is also a man of justice because he wanted this organisation to be no longer corrupt. As for his activity as Chairman, I find myself rather disappointed because I feel he hasn't done enough for the GUM - in fact, it was since March 2013 that this organisation became rather dormant. As for Jacob Tierney, he is one of the most respected members of our community, and he is, after all, the founder of GUM. In his last term as Chairman, though, I feel he just prolonged the inactivity of this organisation, especially by forgetting at least two times to organise the Quorum. However, one of these is reasonable, for from what I've heard he had medical issues. I think that he would be a great Supreme Judge, though.

Q: Your most recent high-profile GUM-related activity was during the expulsion crisis in December 2012. Could you summarise this crisis from your perspective?

A: From my perspective, it was just a grudge of some delegates against Sandus and Juclandia. What is worrying is that such corrupt ways, that we have all seen, have been used to successfully expel these two countries from the organisation. I would also like to remind everyone that just weeks before both Sandus and Juclandia have relegated themselves to the status of observers, for them to take less involvement in the proceedings of the organisation, especially because we considered that the activity of the GUM could be disrupted with us as full members and Bradley of Dullahan as Vice Chairman. We have become observers just to let the leadership work without any issue. Yet they weren't satisfied by this selfless move, but have gone further to expel us completely, even if we caused no issue. All in all, the December crisis was a proof that corruption can exist even in micronational environments.