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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Yurtpyitaw Day approaching

A cherished and iconic image of the "average People's yurt"
in Yurtpyitaw, taken February 2011 and used in Workers' Party
propaganda and on early Yurtyzstani banknotes.
On February 24, during election season and a referendum for Yurtyzstan's new Constitution, Yurtyzstanis will celebrate Yurtpyitaw Day.

Yurtpyitaw Day celebrates the construction of the first standing Yurtyzstani structure in what was then Yurt Clearing in 2011; this act led to the foundation of Yurtyzstan's capital, Yurtpyitaw. To celebrate, Yurtyzstanis flock to the capital, showering it with decorations and providing a strong boost to construction efforts there. In preparation for this increased travel, regional construction officials have moved to improve the navigability of main roads, particularly the Chunjiain River Expressway which runs from Honggang in the far west to Yurtpyitaw.
This is also the first Yurtpyitaw Day celebrated at the capital's new location along the Chunjiain River, in what is now considered Yurtyzstan's contiguous territory. Yurtpyitaw was originally located near the Taedong Creek in what is now East Yurtyzstan, near an American school. Due to frequent skirmishes with Anti-Yurtyzstan Front terrorists and the greater concentration of Yurtyzstani citizens and resources in the Chunjiain River basin, the Supreme People's Assembly voted to move the capital on March 30, 2012 with the Territorial Migration Act.

The old site was subsequently forfeited; it was eventually consolidated into Yurtpyitaw Real, a province of the Great Moose Empire. Following the August-September 2012 movement to reunify Yurtyzstan and a series of uprisings in the GME, however, the territory was reclaimed by communist revolutionary Yurt Cheung-ho, who was subsequently appointed to the Provisional Government and elected to the Constitutional Committee. The Provisional Government featured Old Yurtpyitaw prominently in plans for the Construction and Infrastructure Initiative, and hoped to convert the decrepit historical site into a university settlement with state-run research facilities; however, severe damage as a result of several wind storms has forced even those plans to be abandoned. On Yurtpyitaw Day, the Provisional Government will declare the old city to be a national park.

Yurtpyitaw Day is followed the next month by the Blossom Festival, the Yurtyzstani seasonal new year holiday, which begins on the date of the spring equinox.