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Saturday, February 16, 2013

"Cold gold": Yurtyzstani ice industry growing

Yurtyzstani ice workers
outside Ice Lake 1A.
The Yurtyzstani economy is experiencing considerable growth as a result of its abundance of winter ice.

As bottled water is central to Yurtyzstan's export future, ice is highly essential; Yurtyzstani waterways, however, are mostly too shallow for moderately clean water to be collected. Ice, on the other hand, can be cleaned, boiled, and filtered for maximum safety and is also far easier to harvest and transport.
Currently, the ice industry comprises three major state-run enterprises: Yongkwa Ice, founded by South Yurtyzstani entrepreneur Po Er Kwa Deul; Icepyitaw, founded by Yurt Kyong-yon; and Kkanyi, founded by the Provisional Government. Together the three employ 37% of Yurtyzstan's population (11 citizens); the ice boom has provided a source of employment for the substantial portion of Yurtyzstani's citizenry which was pushed into glaciology programmes as part of the post-"summer of sorrow" state-led employment drive in late 2011 and early 2012.

These companies are poised to encompass the entirety of Yurtyzstan's economic output by April; the government has set a hard deadline of April 1 for the first shipments of Yurtyzstani bottled water to reach foreign territory as well as domestic shelves. This aligns with the Construction and Infrastructure Initiative goal of state-operated department stores and agricultural markets by the start of the Blossom Festival in mid-March.